Set today for the most comfortable and economical ride

[giaban]40[/giaban][day]1 day[/day][phuongtien]Car[/phuongtien]
[khoihanh]Pick up at hotel[/khoihanh]

There is an air of romance to riding an elephant. Sitting atop its back as the giant animals slowly meander down the hill lapping with azure waters. Who doesn’t want to say: “ I went to Viet Nam and rode an elephant” and then whip out their Facebook and scroll through the images from the adventure to all of their friends?
In program, you’ll have:
Half an hour of riding elephant
Visit the famous Zen Meditation
Robin hill
The Paradise lake
Dantala waterfall or Prenn Waterfall ( excluded price for ostrict riding)
The old railway station
The weasel coffee farm

Price: 40 USD/Pax
Included: Private car, English speaking guide, drinking water and entrance fee, Pick up & Drop off your hotel
Excluded: Cable car, Ostrict riding, roller coaster and lunch (9$/pax if desire)


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